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Paul George Wants Your NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Ideas

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Indiana Pacers guard Paul George has been planning for the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest for quite some time so he already has a few dunks up his sleeve now that he's actually going to be a part of the show.

He's still looking for that signature dunk to put him over the top in the finals and overcome the Iman Shumpert/Jeremy Lin/Knicks triumvirate that will be tough to beat with fan voting in the mix. Of course, Lin may turn it over instead of connecting with Shumpert (sorry, softball sitting there).

After the announcement of his inclusion in the event, PG mentioned wanting to involve Larry Bird in some way although that would be a surprise. Eddie White had a great idea to play on his name and dunk over Ringo Starr while wearing a John Lennon t-shirt. John, Paul, George and Ringo, get it? I love that idea although I'd skip the t-shirt and have John Wall make the pass, that way you get John to Paul George over Ringo. The "Beatles Dunk" could take it's place alongside the "Hocus Pocus Dunk" and "Cupcake Dunk" for originality.

Do you have any great ideas for PG to utilize? Let's hear 'em. Also, don't forget to share them with PG since he is asking fans to send him tweets to @king24george with dunk ideas for the final round.

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