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Highlights From Milan Miracle Game That Inspired 'Hoosiers' Available To Enjoy

Bobby Plump is an Indiana hoops legend known for knocking down the shot that helped his Milan high school team knock off Muncie Central in the 1954 State Championship game. The story was further immortalized in 1986 after Angelo Pizzo used the game as his inspiration for "Hoosiers" which is simply the greatest sports movie of all time.

Thanks to the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), classic footage of Milan's upset and Plump's last shot is now available online. With the Pacers off again on Saturday night it seems like a nice way to get a little basketball fix. It is amazing to see Hinkle Fieldhouse rocking for the game while looking quite familiar. You can tell the same floor is in place today.

Plump scores on a classic isolation play to win the game by two after Muncie Central had tied it up on a layup. On Milan's prior possession, a Milan player missed a layup that gave Muncie Central the ball back with a chance to tie. When you see the missed layup it seems nearly impossible that the ball didn't go in the hoop. Obviously the basketball gods lurking around Hinkle had bigger things in mind for the finish.

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