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IC Cold Links: Pacers Day Off With Three Games Left Before All-Star Break

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The Indiana Pacers have another day off on Saturday as they prepare for three games this week to finish off the first half of the season. Those three games look quite favorable with the Charlotte Bobcats at the Fieldhouse on Sunday evening followed by the New Orleans Hornets coming to town on Tuesday. Then things finish up on the road at Charlotte.

The Bobcats have been reeling but should feel better as the spend the day in Indy after ending their 16-game losing streak last night in Toronto. New Orleans is feeling pretty good this morning as well after going in to the eye of the Jeremy Lin storm in Madison Square Garden and emerging with a big win.

So, yeah, don't count those W's before the hatch.

Check out the links after the jump which include stories on Darren Collison sitting in the fourth quarter, Stephen Jackson working his way out of Milwaukee, LeBron James starting to work his way back to Cleveland and J.R. Smith heading to New York to join the Knicks.