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IC Cold LInks: Pacers Dig In To Finish Off Win Over Nets

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The aesthetic beauty of an NBA win is vastly overrated and after losing five consecutive games the Indiana Pacers were more than happy to notch a win over the New Jersey Nets that had a great personality but wasn't much to look at otherwise.

After a sluggish start, the Pacers returned to a formula that has worked in their favor for several wins this season, improving at the defensive end while having bursts of solid offense among an overall inefficient night. Paul George made life difficult for Deron Williams in the second half which allowed the Pacers to gin of some offense and Danny Granger led the way, scoring half of his 32 points to finish off the Nets and hold on for the win.

Mike Wells reports today that the Pacers came together to work through some internal issues and now this win allows them a chance to exhale, get back to work and continue building up with a few more winnable games before the All-Star break.

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