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LeBron James Wins Over Hearts On Valentine's Day In Indy

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LeBron James not only delivered a soul-crushing defeat to the Indiana Pacers, he also ended up winning the hearts of fans at the Fieldhouse. There were plenty of LeBron jerseys in the stands last night but James found one little girl hoping the monster forward would be her Valentine and, as he did all night on the floor, James delivered, offering a post-game assist, as Fox 59's Larry Hawley reported.

Meanwhile he pointed at nine-year old Taylor Sturgill of Cincinnati and instructed security to have her brought to court level. When the final horn sounded, James headed out of the tunnel where he met Sturgill-who was donning his number six jersey.

As if awarding her a medal, Lebron took the shoes and placed it over her shoulders.

"That was special," said James of Sturgill's gesture. "I'd seen her cheering, jumping up and down."

If you want to see absolute joy in the eyes of a child, check out the video in the story which show the exchange that young Taylor Sturgill will remember for the rest of her life.

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