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Jeremey Lin Story Is Cute, Meanwhile LeBron James, Miami Heat Quietly Running The NBA

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LeBron James and the Miami Heats destroyed, rolled, punked, embarrassed or however you prefer to describe the beating, the Indiana Pacers took one last night. But there was really nothing they could do but acquiesce to the will of the Heat and more precisely LeBron last night.

After the game, Frank Vogel credited the Heat for playing at a championship level and that sounded about right. Don't get me wrong, the Pacers didn't play well but they could've played their best game of the season and still lost by ten points last night.


Unlike last season, LeBron sticks out like a sore thumb on the court, even while running alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, because he's dominating control of the game. Talk about smash-mouth. The Heat are 10-2 since Wade returned from injury and just cruised through a back-to-back-to-back wins by absolutely destroying and discarding three inferior teams.

It was the NBA equivalent of a tornado blowing through the Fieldhouse last night and the Pacers ran to the middle of their basement just hoping to survive while any hopes of competing were ripped away and blown somewhere over Ohio in the swath of destruction.

Eight minutes into the game last night, the Heat starters had run out to a 13-point lead when Erik Spoelstra started going to his bench. Not long after, Frank Vogel did the same thing but the Pacers second unit didn't stand a chance. That's because Spoelstra left LeBron in to run the second unit until early in the second quarter and the guy was everywhere, facillitating shots for teammates and leading a swarming defense. At times it seemed like the Heat were playing 6-on5.

My apologies for gushing like this but what I saw was flat-out impressive. I realize the Jeremy Lin story is a far more intriguing, feel-good story at this point in the NBA season but there's no doubt the final chapter of any story about this NBA season will be starring James and the Heat unless they have some devastating injury issues.

The Pacers are actually lucky they don't have time to dwell on Heat beat-down and instead wake up in Cleveland this morning with a chance to get back on the horse tonight and play the Cleveland Cavaliers. They won't be able to forget the Heat so easily, though since Miami is staying in the same hotel as the Pacers with a couple of days off before playing the Cavs themselves on Friday.

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