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Spoelstra Allowing 'No Excuses' For Heat Against Pacers

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Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra preached "no excuses" to the media prior to his Heat team playing the Indiana Pacers with regard to his team trying to maintain their high level of play while also trying to sweep back-to-back-to-back games.

Spoelstra also made sure assistant coach Bob McAdoo added a little perspective for the players by explaining how "back in the day" this type of situation was common but accomplished without the luxuries of chartered flights. The Heat coach also didn't shy away giving his team high praise for their play of late.

"This is the closest we've played to out identity consistently," Spoelstra said which I think is a good thing, assuming their identity is a team that destroys opponents at both ends of the floor because that is what the Heat have been doing lately.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel is expecting his team to dig in and play well at both ends although he admits that LeBron James is playing at a "ridiculous level" along with the Miami team. There is no hype the Pacers can bring to this matchup tonight, only a season-best effort to give themselves a chance to win against the best team in the league that is currently playing at a level worthy of that distinction.

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