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Struggles Slide the Indiana Pacers in Various Power Rankings

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The Pacers have lost three straight and four of five dating back to Super Bowl weekend, in something of a key week for the blue and gold in regards to national attention. The come from behind victory against Utah proved to Indiana's only win of the week, as they really struggled in road losses to Atlanta and Memphis before dropping a high scoring affair to Denver.

This week, the Pacers are in prime position to bounce back. Despite having their first back-to-back-to-back of the season and Miami at home tonight, they'll round out the week against Cleveland, New Jersey, and Charlotte, hopefully helping to ease this current losing streak and whatever the result of tonight's game is.

- NBA Basketball Power Rankings - Marc Stein - ESPN
The Pacers drop from 3rd to 7th in the latest Stein rankings. Despite the rough week, Stein still gives the Pacers credit for a .500 record against winning teams and the lack of home games to this point.

- NBA Power Rankings: The Power of Love -
In Tom Ziller's Lovability Power Rankings, the Pacers come in at 16th in his latest ranking, finding some love for Roy Hibbert's acting gig and Frank the Tank's wardrobe.

- Power Rankings: Wide-open West get interesting |
John Schuhmann drops the Pacers to 9th in his latest ranking, noting that, yes, the defense has taken a step back in recent games and without D, Indiana gets no W.

- Sagarin Ratings - USA Today
The three straight losses drops Indiana a spot to #11 on Sagarin's rankings.

- Top O' The World, Ma | - David Aldridge
The Pacers drop 5 spots according to David Aldridge, who moves Indiana to 10th, noting Paul George's recent struggles offensively as a key to the team's losses.

- 2011-2012 Hollinger Power Rankings - ESPN
John Hollinger's daily rankings has the Pacers down to 9th.

- Chris Sheridan's Weekly NBA Power Rankings
Sheridan lets skepticism creep into his column regarding the Pacers, noting their inability to score big. He also clears the air regarding Danny Granger's All-Star chances.

- NBA Power Rankings: Spurs advancing, Heat still on top | ProBasketballTalk
Kurt Helin drops Indiana to 8th from 6th, noting the recent struggles against good teams, but noting the ease of the schedule ahead.