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Filed under: Pacers Express Interest In J.R. Smith

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According to Marc Stein at, the Indiana Pacers are among the teams interested in signing free agent swingman J.R. Smith.

One source close to the situation told that the Indiana Pacers -- who possess more salary-cap space to spend than any other team in the league at present -- and the Minnesota Timberwolves have expressed interest in Smith.

Smith has been playing in China but is expected to return to the United States this week and is ready to join an NBA roster. The Pacers would need to look past a Smith's sketchy behavioral history that has often overshadowed the dynamic game he has to offer which would give the Pacers a significant boost off the bench. The guy puts the jump in jump shot and can heat things up in a hurry.

Any risks associated with Smith don't seem to phase former teammates as both Chris Paul, Smith's teammate in New Orleans, and Carmelo Anthony, running mate in Denver, are recruiting Smith to join them with the Cilppers and Knicks, respectively.

If those recruiting efforts prove true, the Pacers will only have the advantage of being able to outbid the league for Smith's services. But as usual, every players has a palatable price so in the end the Pacers may not be willing to make a big enough offer to lure Smith away from his buds.

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