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Pacers' Amundson Surprised To See Jeremy Lin Tearing Up The NBA

Indiana Pacers forward Lou Amundson played with New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin long before all of the Linsanity kicked in at Madison Square Garden. The two were teammates last year with the Golden State Warriors where Lin played in 29 games but also bounced back and forth between the Bay Area and the D-League.

The fact Lin is now the most compelling story in the NBA and literally shredding other teams since being inserted into the starting lineup last week is a big surprise to Amundson, as he told Conrad Brunner.

"He didn't play hardly at all," Amundson said. "He would get limited minutes. He played well but a lot of it I guess is when you get the opportunity to play in a system like D'Antoni has, you get the green light and the freedom to go out there and just play free. That gives you a lot of confidence and to his credit he has really seized the opportunity and made the most of it. I'm thrilled for him but I'm just surprised. I mean, I can't hardly believe it."

Considering Lin suddenly looks like the second-coming of Steve Nash playing under Mike D'Antoni, maybe Amundson will be inspired and start reminding us of Dennis Rodman. May be a bit much to ask at this point in big Lou's career.

The Pacers have three games remaining on the schedule with the Knicks with the first two coming on a St. Patty's Day weekend home-and-home. If the Linsanity tour is still in full force a month from now, then the Knicks will likely be among the top teams in the East.

As painful as that sounds, it should make for some highly entertaining matchups with the ol' rivals from NYC.

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