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Larry Bird Presents Roy Hibbert With His Eastern Conference All-Star Jersey

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Turns out the best moment at the Fieldhouse on Saturday night happened before the Indiana Pacers took on the Denver Nuggets.

Prior to the game the Pacers organization formally recognized Roy Hibbert for making the NBA All-Star team in front of the home crowd by having team president Larry Bird present Hibbert with his number 55 Eastern Conference blue all-star jersey.

What was equally cool was seeing several of the freshly minted jerseys on fans in Area 55 and other sections of the stands. After a less than stellar crowd on Tuesday night, Pacers fans brought it on Saturday. Weekend crowds are always better but the place was rocking with more than 15,000 on hand.

Hibbert seems to still be adjusting to the fact that he is now an all-star. His reactions seems to be caught somewhere between overwhelmed and trying to justify the selection. Big fella needs to forget all of that and enjoy the honor and all that comes with it, but continue to stay within himself on the court. He made the all-star game by playing his game not by trying to do more than his fair share.

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