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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need To Snap First Losing Streak Against Denver

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The Indiana Pacers have bumped into several teams on their schedule this year desperate for a win, including Atlanta this past Wednesday. Now they get to fill that role after losing two games in a row for the first time all season with the Denver Nuggets visiting the Fieldhouse tonight.

Plus, a peek ahead finds the Miami Heat waiting on the schedule after Denver so life won't get any easier. Certainly this bit of adversity won't sink the season even if they do lose four straight, but it will make earning a four or better seed more difficult and it allows that nasty thought of a losing streak into the minds of the players.

Last night they broke the seal on not losing two games in a row, so now there is no edge to maintaining that impressive stat that was a source of pride. The Nuggets will be a challenge tonight offering a team similar to the Pacers that can get it done in different ways. The Pacers just have to be the team to find a way to get it done tonight.

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