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Donnie Walsh Still Proud Of Pacers, Has High Expectations

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Conrad Brunner filled in for Michael Grady on the Grady & Big Joe show this week, so I'll give him credit for the extra Pacers-centric interviews, including Larry Bird and Frank Vogel earlier in the week and today newly minted NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert and former Pacers' president Donnie Walsh.

Walsh sounded like a proud papa pumping up the current state of the Pacers from his home in Indiana, giving Larry Bird all of the credit for selecting Roy Hibbert in the draft when few if any thought the big fella would become an all-star. They also discussed the exciting steps the Pacers are in the process of making, first making the playoffs and now in position to make the next big jump of winning in the playoffs.

"I think this team is definitely a team that will make the playoffs and I think it's a threat to go beyond the second round and that's a big jump. That's starting to put you into the Eastern Conference finals and that sort of thing. So I think they can do that if everything comes together and then if you get to the Eastern Conference final then you have a chance to win a championship, so I think they have a chance to get on that level."

That comment caught me off guard, just because I was expecting Walsh to say that he thought the Pacers could advance to the second round but instead he said they're a threat to go BEYOND the second round. That's a happy thought to let swirl around in your head for a bit. Especially if you watched the Atlanta game and are trying to get pumped up for tonight's game in Memphis.

Listen to the whole interview, highly entertaining.

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