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IC Cold Links: Hill Injury Adds A Little Adversity To Pacers Season

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The Indiana Pacers took care of business last night with a little flair provided by Paul George and Lance Stephenson which was later muted with news of a chip fracture in George Hill's ankle.

So A.J. Price will be lacin' 'em up tight tonight with the Pacers take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. Stephenson took over George's minutes last night and actually played pretty well until zipping a pass off Danny Granger when he wasn't looking. Just my gut, but I have a feeling that Stephenson will continue in the same role he has with Price taking more of George's role in the rotation.

The Pacers have been fortunate to avoid extended injury issues but now with George Hill and Jeff Foster missing from the second unit, they will have to handle the first true adversity of the season. Plus, with the compact schedule, missing a week of games means missing a lot. Hopefully Foster can return at some point this week as the Pacers finish up with three games in four days before Super Bowl Sunday.

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