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Happy Paul George Day On The Internet!

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Paul George blew up Twitter last night with his third quarter dunk and the Internet continues buzzing over the play. Of course, this was no big deal for PG, as he said after the game, it was time to, "let PG fly."

Reading those words may raise an eyebrow, but hearing them in context is why George is one of my favorite players to talk to in the locker room. He aspires to be great and won't back down from a challenge on his journey to reach his goals.

He carries himself with a nice mix of confidence and cockiness minus the arrogance. He fully expects to be an NBA star but also expect to work to earn that status. He's not afraid to put in the work just like he isn't afraid to jump in the spotlight and seize the moment at crunch time without concern for success or failure. Not everyone is willing to take a big shot or put themselves out there on the defensive end and live with the negative consequences.

PG loves having the opportunity and then a chance to learn and get better. So when he does something spectacular like casually throwing in a reverse, double-pump dunk as he did last night, he doesn't go crazy because he expects himself to be able to make that play. Then you combine that talent and lust to get better with a great personality and you have a player worthy of drawing attention to himself and the Pacers.

That's why I love the post-game interview he had with Brooke Olzendam. All of his cool confidence and playful personality was on display. Check out a portion of that interview after the jump (unfortunately the beginning is cut off) along with the dunk and assorted other links pointing toward the highlight.

Here's the post-game interview:

Here's the dunk: