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Pacers Links: Denver's depth, experience do Pacers in

A tight game tips in the Nuggets' favor thanks to the veteran savvy of Andre Miller playing off the bench for Denver.

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The Denver Nuggets held on to beat the Indiana Pacers on Friday night in game that delivered plenty of entertainment, even if it wasn't always for basketball reasons.

Both teams remained on the attack whenever possible swapping runs and the lead throughout. Just when it looked like the Pacers were making the deciding run in the fourth quarter, Andre Miller came to life for the Nuggs and seized the game and eventually the win for Denver.

Miller scored eight of his 15 points in the final 2:44 of the game, utilizing his veteran playmaking ability to make the difference. Miller doesn't have much lift left and he may not have the same quickness he once did, but he was able to get the ball to spots he preferred to score or dish (10 assists also) on the Denver end.

The Nuggets bench scored 55 monstrous points with JaVale McGee and Corey Brewer adding 20 points apiece and adding plenty to the entertainment value of the game. When McGee entered the game, I remarked that he will either humor us or amaze us. Turns out he did plenty of both.

McGee did plenty of good work around the rim, exposing the talent he has in a long, athletic package, which was more than enough to make up for this fabulous moment which did indeed, humor us all.

The Pacers had plenty of chances to win this game and some late no calls left the Fieldhouse crowd sounding like the United Center on Wednesday when the Pacers befitted from some similar non-calls. It was a tough loss for the Pacers, no doubt, but in the end, Denver gets credit for going out and earning the win which was the 13th win in their last 16 games against the Pacers.

A couple of other notes from the Fieldhouse: Jeff Foster was sitting courtside across from Denver's bench, enjoying the game like any other dad. Also, deputy NBA commissioner Adam Silver was in the commish seats checking out the game and marveling at the new scoreboard at the FIeldhouse.

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