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Pacers Links: Nuggets next at Fieldhouse for Pacers

The streaky Nuggets should present plenty of problems for the Pacers on Friday night.

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Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers look to win their third consecutive game on Friday night when they host the Denver Nuggets. Like the Pacers, the Nuggs are trying to work through a sputtering start to the season that has them 9-10 heading into the opening tip tonight.

As you can see in the links, point guard Ty Lawson makes Denver go and his play has held them back at times. But they have all of the parts needed to succeed and their streaky play indicates it is hard to know which Denver team the Pacers will face.

The Nuggs lost their first two games of the season, then won four straight, dropped the next three, won the next four, lost the next three before winning at Toronto and losing at Atlanta earlier this week. Hopefully they continue their streaky ways at the Fieldhouse.

Check out the links:

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