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Pacers Links: Pacers still looking to improve after beating Blazers

The Pacers recent success in the win column hasn't fooled the team into thinking they don't need to improve

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After beating the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night, the Indiana Pacers have won two consecutive games, which also gives them four wins out of five and six out of eight. Yet, in the locker room afterward you would never know it.

Paul George didn't complain about backing up his 34-point game in Chicago by leading the team in scoring again with 22 points against the Blazers, but he's not thinking about what he has to do or whether he has his game together. He and his team are interested in what is next and being ready to play their next game.

David West didn't entertain the idea that the Pacers had turned the corner and were on to better things for the remainder of the season. There is still plenty to work on and get straight at the offensive end. They are not satisfied in the least.

It does seem like for every positive you can raise about the Pacers play, there is a negative to keep the team grounded. That goes to directly to some of the players, as well. Both Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough made a strong impact at times against Portland with their effort on defense and around the rim. But if they could just throw it in the ocean on offense, life would be so much more pleasant for the Pacers.

But all of those things that keep nagging at the Pacers, also keep the team on the grind which is a great thing at this point in the season. Whether it is a flurry of turnovers in the fourth quarter or a couple of missed corner threes late in the game that were good shots, could've iced the game, but were simply missed, they all add up to areas in need of improvement to really get on a roll and not make every game -- win or lose -- a battle.

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