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NBA Power Rankings: Quiet week holds Pacers in national rankings

Indiana sits at the top parts of the bottom half of the league in most national power rankings. It's a start?


After a largely successful West coast trip, the Indiana Pacers return to the Midwest with a chance to continue making small progress. Small progress may be the apt word to use when looking at how Indiana fared in the national power rankings this week, likely getting a lot of credit for their win over the Los Angeles Lakers, taking away credit for their loss to the Golden State Warriors (though the latter is currently a game back in the Pacific Division, while the other is the same 8-9 the Pacers are).

Either way, there wasn't a whole lot of movement for Indiana, but SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal saying the Pacers are a "quiet" 4-2 in their last six means they're not being paid much attention to was a fair way to sum it up. That's no surprise with how the team has started the year, unimpressive wins, disappointing losses with one of (if not) the league's weakest schedule(s). While the Lakers win was a big deal on what it was, was it really a quality win? It's not as if the Lakers are the 14-3 many expected them to be. Besides, much of the attention from the game came from Joey Crawford's blocking dance, not the Pacers winning their third straight at Staples Center or David West carrying the Pacers at an All-Star level.

So what it all boils down to is the Pacers going 2-1 on their California road trip, the focus given to Crawford and a "so what's wrong with the Lakers?" While the Pacers have continued to progress as a team that can make plays on both sides of the floor instead of just the defensive end, a good week with Chicago, Portland, Denver, and Oklahoma City could help this team gain a little notoriety. Whether they can have a good week is of course another matter entirely.

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The Pacers jump to No. 19 in Seth Rosenthal's rankings, giving credit to David West, George Hill, and the team's defense. It wouldn't hurt to get more consistency from Paul George.

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Indiana is up two spots to #18, Marc Stein wondering if the road heavy schedule and Danny Granger's absence should be an excuse for the team's 8-9 start. No? So why excuse the Lakers who are six spots higher?

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John Schuhmann moves Indiana up to 17th, giving credit to David West's monster week to go along with the team's improved offense and notable defense over the last week.

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Kurt Helin keeps the Pacers steady at #21, giving credit to the team's win over the Lakers, something he admits may not be worth much for very much longer.

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Sam Amico keeps the Pacers holding still at #18 after their California week. Is Granger the reason the Pacers had their edge last season after all?

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Indiana is at No. 17 on John Hollinger's rankings, holding the league's weakest SOS.

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The Pacers are 17th in Sagarin's ratings, the Lakers win being their first against a team in the top 10.