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This Day in Pacers History: December 30

Some of the bigger foes on this date include Michael Jordan, Adrian Dantley, LeBron, and Adam Morrison.

  • 1976: The Pacers opened up the game with 34 first quarter points in a 104-97 win over New Orleans. Billy Knight had 29 points in the team's 16th win.
  • 1977: Indiana escaped against Houston with a 99-98 win. All five starters scored double digits. Calvin Murphy led the way for the Rockets with 34 points. Houston would go on to lose in the East Finals.
  • 1978: James Edwards's 29 points weren't good enough against the San Diego Clippers in a 114-111 loss, the 24th of the season. This win was San Diego's second straight win.
  • 1980: Dan Issel and Alex English each had 23 points in a 127-110 loss in Denver. The Pacers dropped their third straight game.
  • 1982: 8,220 saw a barnburner in Salt Lake City, but the home crowd also saw a loss. Herb Williams put up 31 points and eight assists in a 115-114 win. George Johnson had 10 points and 10 rebounds. It was Indiana's 11th win of the season.
  • 1983: Steve Stipanovich had 10 made field goals on 29 points but New Jersey was too much in a 118-106 Nets win.
  • 1985: Washington had an off night as they shot just 34 percent in a road win for the Pacers' ninth win of the season, 97-80. Herb Williams had 38 points. Attendance that night was 4,303.
  • 1986: Chuck Persons scored 23 points in a 111-99 win over Cleveland.
  • 1987: It was tough for Indiana to stop Detroit's Adrian Dantley who scored 31 points and had eight assists in a Pistons 105-95 win.
  • 1988: Michael Jordan scored 31 points in Chicago's 15th win of the season by a final score of 101-85. It was a rough start to the 1988-89 season as the Pacers only have five wins (eight straight) to this point.
  • 1989: Atlanta scored 98 points after scoring only 18 in the first frame giving the Pacers a 105-98 win. Vern Fleming 15 points and 12 assists. Indiana bumped up to 19-9 on the year.
  • 1991: M.J. did it again with his 29 points to diffuse the Pacers 109-104. Reggie put up 24 points as well as bringing down 10 rebounds. The Bulls were on a roll as this win was their sixth straight.
  • 1992: It was a rough night of shooting as the Pacers shot 45 percent, but the Knicks stayed under the century mark in a defensive 94-90 loss. It was Indiana's fifth straight loss that included only one three-pointer made (by Reggie).
  • 1993: When a team shoots 34 percent, the likelihood of that team winning is slim. Unfortunately, Indiana played that role against the Spurs in a 107-82 loss. Much like the year before, it was Indiana's fifth straight loss. Indiana's highest scorer was Dale Davis with 15 points.
  • 1994: Indiana defeats New Jersey 96-79 for their 17th win of the season. Derrick McKey led the way with 21 points.
  • 1996: In a game where both teams shot under 40 percent, the Pacers lost to the Bulls 81-79. It was Chicago's 27th win.
  • 1997: Chris Mullin and Reggie each scored 23 points in a 109-91 win.
  • 1999: Reggie dropped 30 in a 109-99 win over Charlotte.
  • 2000: Derek Anderson's double-double for San Antonio helped the Spurs beat the Pacers 89-77.
  • 2003: Jermaine O' Neal had 21 points and beat the Cavaliers 92-89. LeBron James had a game-high 22 points.
  • 2004: There were only four games on this night in the NBA. Indiana and New Jersey were one of those games, and the Pacers won 96-83 behind O' Neal's 31 points.
  • 2005: Indiana drops their fourth straight game to Toronto 99-97. O'Neal and Fred Jones each had 20 points off the bench. It was the Raptors' eighth win of the season; it was Indiana's 12th loss.
  • 2006: Adam Morrison sunk the Pacers via his 30 points in a 113-102 loss for Indiana.
  • 2008: Joe Johnson had 12 points (27 total) in the fourth quarter to cruise away from Indiana 110-104. Danny Granger led Indiana with 25 points.
  • 2009: Luther Head tied a career-high 30 points for the Pacers, but the Grizzlies won their eighth game in December as they beat Indiana 121-110.
  • 2011: Last year, the Pacers and Cavs went to overtime, and Kyrie Irving had a chance to win it for Cleveland, but missed a last second layup in the free period to give the Pacers the win.