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Tyler Hansbrough drives Cavaliers nuts mixing it up in the paint...again

Tyler Hansbrough had the Cavs thinking more about him than the game while the Pacers were taking control of the game in the second half.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Boobie Gibson isn't the first player to complain about Tyler Hansbrough's style of play and he won't be the last. Once again, Hansbrough mixed it up with Cleveland's Tristan Thompson and this time Thompson's teammates were ready to back him up.

But with all of the talking and shoving and technicals drawing the attention of the Cavs, the other Pacers on the floor were in the midst of putting the Cavs away. Once again, Hansbrough took up residence under an opponent's skin, leaving them frustrated and looking for some kind of hardwood justice to deal with the Pacers reserve power forward.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal breaks down how Hansbrough drove Gibson nuts as a subplot to the Pacers win.

If Daniel Gibson and Tyler Hansbrough didn't like each other during the game, when they were assessed double technicals for jawing, they really aren't going to like each other after hearing what each said about the other after the game.

"He's always doing bulls--- like that," Gibson said. "He's always egging guys on and walking up on them. I was like, 'You gotta calm that s--- down before you get f----- up out here. You've really got to chill. I understand that you're an energy guy, but chill, man.'"

Hansbrough told the Indianapolis Star's beat writer, Mike Wells, that he Thompson was staring him down and he was ready to fight when "Boobie or Bibby or whatever his name is" stepped in. Hansbrough said he doesn't talk, he was ready to go.

The problems, of course, stem back to last week's game at Indianapolis when Thompson blasted Ben Hansbrough in the side of the head with an elbow. Tyler thought it was intentional and immediately got in Thompson's face.

"He just be out there out of control," Gibson said. "I told the ref, 'How are you going to give me a double tech when he's the one burning up on people and snatching the ball and screaming? Nobody was even saying nothing to him, what is he doing? That's Hansbrough for you."

In the game of psychological warfare, Psycho T wins again. Sounds like Boobie ("or Bibby whatever his name is", classic) was ready for Hansbrough to mix things up which is a bonus for the Pacers. Anytime an opponent is thinking more about Hansbrough than his squad it's a win-win for the Pacers