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Check out the FanPosts and share your thoughts on the Pacers

Make sure you share you comments on the variety of topics up for discussion.

Jonathan Daniel

The past few days have seen a few new FanPosts that I wanted to highlight here to make sure everyone who reads Indy Cornrows checks 'em out and joins in the conversation.

Since the site redesign the FanPosts haven't been as prominently displayed and I'm sure forgotten by many, so I appreciate those who have made the effort to post their extended thoughts. Nothing but the location has changed with creating a FanPost so please don't be shy. The more voices heard around IC the better!

Having said that, I can assure you that SB Nation has considered the complaints with the site design and are working on an update to address many of the issues raised by readers across all of the sites.

Until the changes are released, I wanted to share the links from FanPosts created in the past three days:

December Rosterbation - latrell spreewel
December trade speculation is up for debate and every player is on the table for discussion.

Start mahinmi! - Doc627
Doc627 has been frustrated by Roy Hibbert's start and is proposing a change in the starting lineup.

Pacers are interested in Upgrading says Ric Bucher-Courtney Lee? - Coltsfan4187
Coltsfan4187 shares my favorite kind of FanPost, offering some Pacers related news along with his take on the topic -- in this case, the Pacers looking to make a move before the trade deadline.

Let's go get a back-up wing. It's ok to give up next year's 1st for the right guy. - StretchFourNBA
StretchFourNBA is looking to bolster the Pacers' wing options.

Granger's Mysterious Injury - League Changes Needed? - FortWayneKarl
FortWayneKarl never minds going across the grain with his takes on topics involving the Pacers and raises an interesting point about Granger's offseason work.

Why you should still go to NBA games - Luke Williams
Luke Williams shares an extended post on his experience watching the Pacers beat the Sixers last week. There are more from the past few weeks so check 'em all out.