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NBA gift guide: Pacers wish list for the holiday season

The gifts of good health and a firm future outlook are hard to wrap but would be nice to see under the Pacers' tree this year.


The Indiana Pacers wish list for this holiday season should include a crystal ball suitable for predicting the future. The team really needs to know what the future holds for Danny Granger and his knee rehab that has him out until at least February.

Having an idea of what Granger can offer the Pacers for the end of the regular season and the playoffs (crystal ball?) would really help the team determine what moves if any they can make prior to the trade deadline which just happens to coincide with Granger's scheduled return. Yep, for now the timing stinks.

Another nice stocking stuffer for Paul George is a plane ticket to Houston in February for the NBA All-Star game.

After taking part in the Saturday All-Star festivities last year, PG could be in line to play in the big game on Sunday. If the Pacers remain among the top eight teams, they will likely get a reserve nod. David West has played on the cusp of an All-Star invite most of the year but he's among a crowded field of big forwards.

If PG can maintain his current pace through January, he will be a shoe-in for his first All-Star game. Wow, that seems crazy but after some early season struggles he's definitely turned the corner. As long as he doesn't u-turn and lose that consistent impact he's currently delivering it will be PG's time to shine among the stars.

So what other presents would you like to see the Pacers unwrap?

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