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Paul George back home and back to work at Fieldhouse

After a career night against the Hornets, Paul George can't seem to shoot straight. Following a frustrating end to the Pacers recent road trip, George made his way to the Fieldhouse to put in some extra work.


Paul George made 13 of 21 field goals, including nine of 13 from behind the arc when he scored 37 points to lead the Indiana Pacers past the New Orleans Hornets on Nov. 21.

Instead of using that career night to turbo boost a bigger and more reliable role in the Pacers offense, George's play in the four games since the "breakout" have instead made the big night look like an aberration.

In the four games COMBINED following the win over the Hornets, PG scored 29 points on 13 of 45 field goals while making just four of 19 three-point shots. Again, PG didn't average those numbers in the last four games. Those are all of his numbers in those four games COMBINED.

Things have progressively worsened since the New Orleans game, but a light scorign night is tolerable when finding a way to contribute in other ways. George scored 12 points with nine rebounds and a pair of steals to help beat the Los Angeles Lakers. In Sacramento, George's shot left him ice cold, but he did dish out nine assists with only one turnover to help beat the Kings.

But in Golden State, the frustrations mounted for PG as he failed to score any points while missing all seven shots, including five from three-point land. Serious Ugh-sville. In his first two seasons, George shot 44.5 % with an effective field goal percentage of around 51%. This year those numbers are down to 38.5% and 46% (eFG%).

While it was frustrating to watch, it was even more frustrating to live. So after arriving back in Indy at around 7 a.m. ET on Sunday morning, George didn't stay in bed all day. On Sunday evening, he went down to the Fieldhouse to deal with the clanks and try to raise those percentages.

After putting up 500 shots, PG let everyone know he's not happy about his play and trying to do something about it.

Gotta love that shooting companion contraption PG is using, shown in the picture. It's like pop-a-shot on steroids.

PG is not afraid to put in the time and work things out after hours. While the work ethic is great to see, he needs to put that after hours work to use in prime time when the Pacers are playing under the bright lights.