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Pacers Links: Pacers failed to answer when opportunity knocked against Warriors

The Pacers double-digit loss at Golden State is made more frustrating due to all of the empty possessions down the stretch that coulda, woulda, shoulda altered the outcome.

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The Indiana Pacers return home from a 2-1 road trip after dumping a loss on the shore of the San Francisco Bay.

The Pacers appeared ready to head home at several points in the loss to the Golden State Warriors and throughout the final three quarters never showed signs of rising up to swipe a win. That's a shame because the opportunities were there for the Pacers to take home another win.

Whether it was missing shots or being a half step slow on 50-50 balls, it wasn't happening for the Pacers last night. The shooting woes are where the most frustration stems. Aside from David West and George Hill, the kindest way to describe the remaining rotation players is as streaky shooters.

Unfortunately there's no test to see which shooters will be on a hot streak to plan accordingly. Still, through all of the struggles, the Pacers had a couple of opportunities to make a run at the win after getting the deficit down to single digits.

After cutting the Warriors' lead to seven points with just under nine minutes to play, the Pacers didn't score for the next 2:40 of game action as Golden State was still only able to put together a 5-0 run. During that stretch the Pacers' possessions ended like this:

  • Tyler Hansbrough turnover
  • Sam Young missed 3-pointer
  • Hansbrough missed jumper
  • Gerald Green missed 3-pointer

Then after George Hill missed a 3-ball, Gren made a three to end the drought. But credit the Warriors for forcing the Pacers to settle for outside shots from those streaky shooters who couldn't convert.

A minute later the Pacers trimmed the lead to nine points and had another chance to knock that lead down further. A sporting Klay Thompson missed three consecutive 3-balls which left the door open for a big momentum change considering Thompson had been killing the Pacers earlier in the game.

Again, the Pacers came up empty, this time for more than three minutes with five bone dry possessions:

  • Hill missed shot.
  • Hibbert turnover
  • Paul George missed 3-pointer
  • Young turnover
  • Young missed 3-pointer

The point being, the Pacers weren't overwhelmed last night in Golden State. Instead they just had an underwhelming effort when it counted as the Warriors made more plays. And once again, the Pacers have to get back to work trying to figure out a way to survive on offense without relying on a random player to get on a hot streak.

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