Start mahinmi!

yes -there i said it....

A center with back up talent shouldn't automatically start because he has a max contract. I'm tired of watching Hibbert getting stuffed at the rim by everyone from old men like Camby to point guards like Westbrook. Ok so he is making an effort defensively but don't get carried away- he has zero lateral mobility and can't guard bigs who spot up for jump shots.Just take a look at how old man Duncan schooled him.

and i haven't even brought up the fact that his FG % is the lowest in the league for starting centers

ok i'm done venting but this team should be elite cept for the liability at the 5 spot. I'm just looking into a crystal ball- playoff game on the road down the stretch and the crowd gets fired up because someone just blocked Hibby.

If we can't extend PG and resign west because of this contract then clearly the pacers need to move him.There's got to be a GM out there stupid enough to take a gamble on him