Pacers are interested in Upgrading says Ric Bucher-Courtney Lee?

I think the return of another hometown kid Courtney Lee would be a great addition to the team. According to NBC's The celtics are willing to part with Lee because they have Terry and Avery Bradley is ready to return soon. The kicker is that boston wants a big man back. Lee would be a great SG for the second unit. He is offense and what the 2nd unit desperately needs.

I don't know what i would do though because i like both Hansbrough and Mahinmi and since Lee makes 5 mil this year and the next 2 after this one, the only guys that we could trade would be to trade one of those two guys. I don't want to trade any of them though unless were getting something at their respective positions back. I would trade Pendergraph and Plumlee and Orlando Johnson for him but that is still not enough money.

I think management needs to look into acquiring Lee but only at the right price.

One trade that actually works financially but I dont know if the celtics would do would be:

Indy Receives: Courtney Lee (5mil)

Boston Receives: DJ Augustin (3.5mil) & Miles Plumlee (1.1mil)=4.6 million

Espn Trade machine says this works and i think Indy would do this trade.

Analysis of this trade:

Indy might do this to upgrade bench and get something for an underachieving DJ Augustin.

Boston might do this because they have a logjam of guards, especially with the return of Avery Bradley. Plus Boston does not have a true PG behind Rondo they have been using former Pacer Leandro Barbosa at the backup pg spot. this trade lets boston acquire a true backup pg for rondo and Leandro Barbosa can easily slide over to take the spot of courtney lee while Dj Augustin takes the backup pg spot of Barbosa. They also acquire a Big that can possibly help them out in Plumlee.

This trade makes sense for both considering the fact that both Lee and Augustin have a PER of 8.0 so they would offset each other really. Although Boston may not necessarily be getting better or a big that they thought they would acquire. They actually even out their rotation by moving Barbosa back to his natural sg position and get augustin in their to take the backup spot and dont lose Lee's production when Bradley returns plus Terry and Barbosa sliding back over they wouldn't need or miss Lee at all.

on the other hand the Pacers would consider this because it rids them of an underachiever and nets them someone in Lee that they sought after in the offseason and someone who can come in and help the bench and put more people in the seats by bringing in the hometown kid.

According to Marc Stein of ESPN: In terms of those 108 offseason signees who become trade-eligible Saturday, at least three names are coming up repeatedly on the personnel grapevine: Indiana's D.J. Augustin, Phoenix's Michael Beasley and Boston's Courtney Lee. There's a reason for that, though: All three are seriously struggling.

Indiana has played better lately, but the Pacers are still willing to talk about making an adjustment here or there, though they aren't willing to talk about either George Hill or Paul George, according to sources.

Also today on a chat with Ric Bucher a fan asked The pacers have been linked to a number of trade rumors. Do you see them making a move? What do you think of paul george's play recently.

Bucher responded: They desperately want Paul George to show he can be their go-to guy so they can move Danny Granger, but George only shows it in fits and starts. He has the talent but maybe not the temperament. I see a leadership void with the Pacers. They are very up and down in their effort.

What do you guys think?