Let's go get a back-up wing. It's ok to give up next year's 1st for the right guy.

The lack of depth at wing is the biggest weakness of this team right now, and I don't think it will simply go away when Granger returns.

Once he's back, I think we should play Lance at both the 1 and 2 off the bench, as he's certainly capable of playing both guard spots. Mahinmi is a good backup for Roy. Tyler's not great, but he's still got the ability to change games with his energy.

But Gerald Green and Sam Young are simply not very good. Green is shooting under 40% on the year, and consistently makes bone-headed decisions that really hurt the team, with the Minnesota game being the perfect example. Sam Young is a good energy guy, but that's about it. We've already got one of those in Hansbrough, and you really only need one of those guys.

The Pacers should make a deal for a good back-up wing. There are names floating out there already... (Gerald Henderson, Marshon Brooks). I'll spare you the specific trade scenarios or Trade Machine links, but one thing's clear: the Pacers should be able to land a good back-up wing in exchange for their 2013 1st round pick, possibly in exchange for Tyler Hansbrough or DJ Augustin's expiring contract. We might not even have to give up the 1st rounder, and hopefully it would be someone somewhat promising if we did give it up.

This move could serve other purposes too. It's an insurance policy in case Granger has troubles coming back from injury. And it could be someone with the potential to develop into a key piece of the team going forward.

But that pick is of more value to this team right now in a trade than it is kept. They're trying to win now, and it's doubtful another mid-20s pick is going to help that cause. We got a mid-20s pick last year, and he's currently playing for a team called the Mad Ants because we don't even have minutes for him to play.

Going after a promising 4 to upgrade from Tyler wouldn't be a bad route either, considering that Tyler isn't exactly spectacular, and we could lose both him and David West this summer. Some people have suggested making a trade for Derrick Williams, and that's something I wouldn't be against.

As long as it would be someone who can score. I'm ok with playing Sam Young as long as he's the only "defensive specialist" besides Mahinmi. Just no more Gerald Green please.

The end game should be bringing in someone to fill out the 9-man rotation. I wouldn't be opposed to the bench being limited to Lance, Ian, and Tyler, but I doubt Vogel will cut it that short. Whether it's Lance/ a 2-3 via trade/Tyler/Ian or Lance/Sam/a 4 via trade/Ian, I think either of those moves would turn the bench from a negative to a positive.