Granger's Mysterious Injury - League Changes Needed?

Sports Illustrated has raised questions regarding lack of player preparation during the offseason. Here's a link to the article. The Pacer's own Danny Granger was called out as an example of this problem.

The NBA has turned into a league of mysterious injuries. So far this season, Eric Gordon, Danny Granger, John Wall and Andrew Bynum haven't played a minute because of knee ailments that were aggravated or failed to be rehabbed over the summer.

Could more have been done to improve the players' health before training camp? One team executive believes the NBA should consider rules that would enable franchises to have more oversight on players' training methods during the offseason.

In the past few years Granger has started each season horribly - and one of those was even when he was playing for the US National Team.... Because of this one could fairly question his off season commitment, right???

Then this season he shows up to camp severely injured. What's happening with him? The evidence is consistent with him not rehabbing his knee or getting it treated or operated on during the off season, then just showing up injured come October.

So what do you think? Am I being too presumptious and harsh? Even if you don't agree with my presumptions, you have to admit there is at least circumstantial evidence that Granger goofs off entirely too much during the off season, right? Did Granger just blow it during the 2012 off season and could he be contributing right now if he had gotten treatment or surgery and rehabbed? Should the league make changes to keep guys like Granger from goofing off instead of prepping during the off season?

I think we fans should expect off season preparation from the Pacers, and Danny Granger just doesn't seem to be delivering it... Pacers fans deserve better!