December Rosterbation

As nice as the offseason sounded on paper, when Frank Vogel has to rely on Ben Hansbrough for 10 minute stretches of any decent levels of production, you know the Pacers second unit has been a complete utter disaster. The most apparent disappointment is obviously the play of D.J. Augustin and if the Pacers expect to have any chance of contending in the East when the Teams starts to get healthy in Feburary, They need to find a new backup point guard. Though important, the backup point guard position is not something that the Pacers should ever give up the bank for, so here are some following trades that are low risk but provide a much better alternative than going with Ben or D.J. the rest of the way. I'm sure most of these trades are unlikely to happen but let me know what y'all think.

2nd round + O.J./Plumlee for Earl Watson: at this point in his career, Earl Watson is really a second to third string backup point guard, but he is really cheap, and he can still do a decent job setting up the offense. This would just be a stop gap plug in. Watson is not a scorer by any means, but he is a very gritty veteran who makes good decisions and is an above average defender. Utah is not really playing him at all this season, he's currently the third string point guard behind our old friend Jamaal Tinsley and Mo Williams.

D.J. Augustin + 1st rounder for Aaron Brooks: D.J. Augustin is a worthless asset right now, NOBODY wants him unless we give up something. The kings are already in full tank mode as we speak, there's really no reason why the kings would not be loading draft picks for next season. I know that we have to give up the 1st rounder, but in all honesty, that pick is probably worthless next year. First we need to resign David West and plan for Paul George down the road. That first round pick is probably anywhere in the 16-24 range, which means its going take up around 2-3 million in salary which could be better spent saving up for David West or Paul George. So in essence, that pick is better used as a trade bait. Now, Aaron Brooks is essentially another Darren Collison, exact body type, exact same style of play, but a definite upgrade to the bench immediately.

2nd rounder +o.J./Plumlee for Etwuan Moore: Etwuan Moore has been quite a surprise this season, Pacers should have picked him up during the offseason when the Magics pretty much got him for free, would be really surprise if the Magic would be willing to part with him now that he's turned into quite an asset for them off the bench while being so young and cheap.

Jordan Farmar: Yes, Farmar is currently playing in Turkey right now, and the chance of the Pacers buying out his contract from his turkish team is nearly astronomical, it is still technically possible. Farmar was never great at anything, but he was very fundamentally sound and play within himself and made the RIGHT decision most of the time. It really speaks volume how bad D.J. Augustin has been for me to even come up thinking about bringing back wash up players like Farmar to replace D.J.

1st round + Gerald Green for Jared Dudley. I know Jared Dudley is not a point guard but he is good enough to solve a lot of the Pacers' problems with the second unit. Jared Dudley is not a star, but he is very efficient and a very very good player. Dudley does nothing great but does everything well, he passes well, shoots from outside at a very nice clip, takes very good cuts and makes very good decisions. He would be everything that is opposite of Gerald Green and at a very very affordable price for his production. Jared Dudley would be a great microwave player coming off the bench, then we would just have Lance playing the point and have either Paul or Granger playing the 3 with the second unit with Ian and Hansbrough.