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David West expecting Pacers to finish strong

Pacers power forward remains patient as his team deals with new faces and injuries early in the season.


Indiana Pacers forward spoke with Dan Dakich on 1070 The Fan earlier this week, revealing some great info like only the seasoned vet of the Pacers can.

The pair hit on several topics including how West developed into such a reliable post presence in the NBA. They also discussed Danny Granger's absence, where he likes to operate on the floor with the ball and his willingness to take the big shots down the stretch for the Pacers.

West also touched on where this current Pacers team is headed. After making a splash in the playoffs, West feels the Pacers have more talent this year but they need to make some progress to come together like last year's team did at the end of the season.

Using last year as a barometer, how good do you think this Pacers team can be?:

"Obviously I think, on the surface, we have more talent. But what we have to do now is understand we've got a target on our back. Teams have really come after us, particularly early in the year. We've done a good job in terms of just being able to fight back, get our feet back up under us ... but we understand it's just December. ... We feel like, headed toward the end of the year, in particular, we have enough here to make a legit run."