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Pacers News: Miles Plumlee heads back to D-League for next two games

The Pacers' top pick will play a pair of games with the Mad Ants this weekend.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Indiana Pacers top pick Miles Plumlee will break a sweat this weekend when he heads up to Fort Wayne for another D-League assignment with the Mad Ants.

The Pacers announced on Thursday that they assigned Plumlee to their D-League affiliate for the next two games in Fort Wayne. The Mad Ants play Maine on Friday and Springfield on Saturday while the Pacers are also in action, playing at home against Philadelphia on Friday and then on the road at Detroit on Saturday.

Heck, if the Pacers drove home from the Palace they could just pick up Plumlee on the way back Saturday night, but alas it is not 1956 and Plumlee is not playing for the Fort Wayne Pistons.

Plumlee and Orlando Johnson played a pair of games with the Mad Ants in late November. Plumlee played well in the second game, scoring 23 points and grabbing seven rebounds. OJ discussed his experience recently and thought it was a big positive to go play in an actual game and once they figured out how to play with the team in the second game, he had a blast.

With Lance Stephenson's status in limbo due to his ankle sprain and D.J. Augustin taking a back seat fora few games, Johnson needs to stick around with the Pacers to complete the active roster.