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Lance Stephenson fine after minor car crash

Pacers guard was involved in an accident on Monday night but was not injured.


Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson was caught up in holiday shopping traffic on the Southside on Monday night when he was involved in a minor car accident.

According to reports, Stephenson was out and about to take part in the "Shop with the Pacers" event at Greenwood Park Mall. Stephenson rear-ended a car near the mall around 6 p.m. which ended with the other driver being cited for driving without a license.

Stephenson did go to St. Francis Hospital to get checked out before heading back home. No idea exactly what Stephenson was having checked at the hospital but can assume it was a routine step with authorities involved in the incident.

The Pacers expect Stephenson to be ready for practice today and the Pacers game tomorrow night against Cleveland. Here's more on the "Shop with the Pacers" event for those players that made it to the mall unscathed. The event was indeed a hit, even for Stephenson.