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Paul George, Pacers support local Diabetes awareness effort

Pacers young forward hopes to influence young and old alike to live healthy in order to combat disease.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George is dishing out more assists per game this year on the court and also finding ways to assist the community off the court. PG and George Hill gave away tickets to fans to fill up their G2 Zone at the Fieldhouse for home games.

But now PG is looking out for the health and wellness of local fans by taking the lead for the Pacers in a campaign to raise awareness for Diabetes among kids and adults. PG and the Pacers are teaming up with Sanofi U.S. to kickoff an awareness campaign at Irvington Community School on Tuesday afternoon at 3:15 p.m.

PG has a family history of Diabetes so the issue literally hits close to home. The goal of the campaign is to promote a healthy lifestyle and have people sign a pledge to live healthy. Fans 18 and over can take a pledge to live healthy on and by doing so be registered to win an autographed jersey and two tickets to the Pacers/Hawks game on March 25.

"I am really excited to team up with Sanofi US for Diabetes awareness," said the Pacers star. "Through my own life and a personal connection I have come to realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and hope all Pacers fans will join me in taking the healthy lifestyle pledge."