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Kings vs. Pacers Links: Pacers still looking for ways to win early season games

The Pacers remain a work in progress, relying on defense to and different lineups to beat the Kings in double OT.

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Joe Robbins

So this is how it's going to be, huh?

After three regular season games it appears the Indiana Pacers are back to being a team that plays to the level of their competition. At least I hope that's the case. We'll find out when the competition ramps this week with three tough road games starting on Monday at San Antonio.

While the Pacers play has been frustrating thus far, it shouldn't be overly surprising. After all, they are dealing with a hole big hole in their lineup without Danny Granger and the frustration comes at the offensive end as they try to make up for Granger's 20 points per game.

Frank Vogel continues to tweak his playing rotations as Lance Stephenson stepped into a big role in last night's win over the Kings. He earned it, too. When Stephenson went into the game in the first half, the Pacers had let an early lead slip away and the turnovers were once again mounting. Stephenson simply brought a ton of energy with him to the court and changed the pace of the game. The Pacers carried that energy to a halftime lead and appeared ready to roll to a win in their home opener.

But nothing will be easy in the early season for the Pacers.

To win a game with 24 turnovers is winning the hard way, but the Pacers do have a knack for batting through their problems and once the game went to extra time, the defense finally wore down the Kings offense which had simply become Marcus Thornton making big shots.

The Pacers used a balanced attack with six guys in double figures, secured another win and move to 2-1. That bottom-line fact is a good thing as the Pacers keep figuring things out, even if it is frustrating to watch.

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