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Pacers lead 40-33 against Lakers

After a hot start where the Indiana Pacers jumped out to a double digit lead, both the Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers cooled off tremendously; both teams struggling to score points through most of the second quarter. The Pacers finished the half on an 11-5 run in order to pull a 40-33 halftime lead as Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson each picked up three fouls.

David West leads the Pacers with 12 points and four assists in a game the team shot just 36%, with the Lakers shooting under 33%. Kobe Bryant has 16 in a game he's playing under the weather. Paul George has eight for the Pacers, with Roy Hibbert and Ian Mahinmi each scoring six. The Pacers were able to force 11 Laker turnovers.

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