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Pacers Links: Indiana tries to find its groove against Lakers

The Pacers continue to sputter through the start of the season as they begin a set of four road games on Tuesday against the Lakers.

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Jeff Gross

Last season the Pacers started strong with a 10-4 record as they went west to play the Los Angeles Lakers. But they validated that hot start with a big win on the road over the Lakers. Six players scored in double figures that night with Roy Hibbert leading the charge after shaking off a broken nose and scoring 18 points and grabbing eight rebounds.

The team that played that night had a spirit and confidence that hasn't been seen this year. Hopefully a return to STAPLES Center will rekindle the fire for the Pacers who play far better in attack mode than react mode and at 6-8 this season, haven't done enough attacking. Probably wouldn't hurt if Hibbert played clips of himself in that game last year on a loop all day to remind him that he can make a big impact when he lets it rip.

With Andre Bynum gone and Dwight Howard in his place for the Lakers, Hibbert will find a tough challenge in L.A. tonight, but at least has to hold his own against Howard.

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