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Pacers edging Spurs 52-48 at halftime

The Indiana Pacers have played well rounded team ball that has given them a halftime lead against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs were hot to start, with Tony Parker scoring 20 first half points to give San Antonio a first quarter lead, but the Indiana bench turned the game around in the second, giving the Pacers a lead they'd hold through the rest of the half.

It has been a big team effort, with Paul George's 10 leading a Pacers team where all ten players have scored and reached a positive number elsewhere in the box score, including five assists from George Hill and D.J. Augustin, as well as 11 rebounds from Tyler Hansbrough. The Pacers have played very smart, committing just three first half turnovers, while showing some of their best hustle of the season, coming out on the right side of nearly every 50/50 play, helping the Pacers to hold the halftime advantage.

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