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NBA Power Rankings: Pacers in bottom third of league on season

The Indiana Pacers slip into the league's bottom 10.

Bruce Bennett

The Indiana Pacers mostly continue their descent in various power rankings, slipping into the 20's in most of them, meaning the Pacers are now seen as one of the ten worst teams in the league. When you watch this team, however, a lack of fire and two blowout losses in the past week, it's incredibly difficult to see it another way. Can you find ten worse teams in the league right now?

To make matters more frustrating, Indiana is doing this poorly with the best rated defensive in the NBA. The age old adage "defense wins championships" fails to take into account the need offense plays in making a championship caliber team, and if the Pacers have played the best defense, they're not too far off from being the worst offense. A win against the winless Wizards is a nice start to the week, home games against New Orleans and San Antonio make the rest of the week a little more worrisome.

NBA power rankings, Week 4: Grizzlies, Clippers surge to the top -
The Pacers have Seth Rosenthal down emotionally, also dropping them to #25, feeling this sluggish start is bigger than just a Danny Granger issue.

NBA Basketball Power Rankings - National Basketball Association - ESPN
Indiana slips to 20th, Marc Stein noting how bad the offense must be when the Pacers themselves have played the best defense in the league.

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Roy Hibbert's shots started to go in against Washington, but prior to that? John Schuhmann showcases a surprising (in the numbers sense) stat about how bad his shooting numbers have been on the season for the No. 22 Pacers.

NBA Power Rankings: Top spot goes walking in Memphis | ProBasketballTalk
The Pacers sit at #17 on Kurt Helin's latest rankings, noting Indiana's play on the defensive end. He still notes it doesn't make the Pacers a very good team because of the offensive struggles.

NBA Power Rankings - Top 30 NBA Basketball Teams - FOX Sports on MSN
Sam Amico has Indiana at 21st, believing there is more at work in their struggles than a hobbled Granger.

Jeff Sagarin NBA ratings - USA TODAY
Computer numbers drop the Pacers a slot to #19, as their schedule improved a bit over the past week.