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Roy Hibbert finds rhythm back home for Pacers

The Pacers were on the road by Roy Hibbert was back home in D.C. and with his parents sitting courtside, the big fella found his offensive rhythm.


One games does not make a season and Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is smart enough to realize that fact. Following the Pacers win over the Wizards on Monday in which Hibbert scored 20 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked four shots, Hibbert emphasized that he needed to string a few games together with that kind of production before he was truly back to form.

But for one night, as Mike Prada reports, it was nice for Hibbert to play a big role in the Pacers win.

"I was sick and tired of playing like some shit, to tell you the truth," Hibbert said after the game. "You can print that, I don't care. I've been playing like some crap and I was sick and tired of it."

Hibbert had all of the support a center could need while playing back home in Washington, D.C. Both of his parents were sitting courtside. Plus, his teammates and coaches continued to lift up the big fella, including a late night phone call from coach Frank Vogel to make sure Hibbert knew his coach wasn't losing faith in his talent.

Hibbert went out and delivered which included getting the ball in better position to succeed. David West credited Hibbert's effort in the post to go to work early in possessions.

"I thought he was a lot more active before he got the ball, doing things to get himself in good position where he can just catch and get himself a good shot at the rim," West said.

Hibbert finally found his offensive rhythm to make eight of 10 shots around the rim. While he has struggled to get the ball deep in the post at times this year, there have been plenty of games (Toronto loss at home in particular) where he received the ball in perfect, deep post position, only to have his point-blank one-handers roll off the rim. Finally, those shots started to fall against the Wizards and he made things look simple in the post.

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