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George Hill, Katie Douglas and Tamika Catchings deliver assist to Southside blast victims

Local hoops legends team up to help the community affected by the devastating explosion in the Richmond Hill neighborhood last Saturday night.


The Indiana Pacers continue to struggle on the court but they are still doing plenty of good in the community. Today at the Fieldhouse, the team hosted their annual Thanksgiving Dinner for 700 men, women and children from local missions and shelters.

On Friday night, Pacers point guard George Hill is teaming up with WNBA champs, Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas to host the families affected by the tragic explosion in a Southside neighborhood when the Pacers play the Dallas Mavericks. This will give the surviving blast victims a chance to relax and enjoy the Pacers game as they continue to deal with the aftermath of neighborhood damage.

As locals players starring for their respective hometown teams, Hill and Douglas welcome the chance to help out their neighbors.

"I was born on the Southside," said Douglas, who leaves this week to play basketball in Europe. "I live on the Southside. This happened only miles from where we just won the WNBA title. This happened just a few miles from where I grew up. My only regret is that I won't be there Friday. But I will be there in spirit."

Catchings said the group wanted to help in a comforting way. "We wanted to provide these people with a chance to get away from all they have been dealing with, and if even for just a few hours, enjoy a fun evening. I can't wait to see them and share some hugs."

Hill, a Broad Ripple High School graduate and former standout at IUPUI, couldn't wait to help his fellow citizens. "Like Katie, this is home for me," said Hill. "When you see neighbors in trouble you have to do something. This was so shocking to all of us."