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Pacers Links: Pacers off to Milwaukee after miserable home loss to Toronto

Pacers let chance after chance to beat the Raptors bounce off the rim on Tuesday night.

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Andy Lyons

The Toronto Raptors outlasted the Indiana Pacers for a 74-72 win on Tuesday and needless to say it was difficult to watch.

The Pacers coulda, woulda, shoulda won running away in the fourth quarter but just couldn't make enough shots. And by shots I mean, good, open looks I'd be happy with David West, Roy Hibbert, Paul George and George Hill taking tonight in Milwaukee or any night for that matter.

The 14-5 fourth quarter was just horrendous and frustrating to watch. Like one of those dreams where you're trying to escape to safety and just can't get the traction to move out of harms way until you wake up in a sweat. Possession after possession with a chance to take control of the game, the Pacers couldn't convert at the offensive end, save for George Hill getting to the rim a few times.

I mean, the Raptors were like one of those Triathlon athletes who races out in front and then just breaks down 100 yards before the finish line and can't take another step. But instead of running past the Raps and breaking the tape, the Pacers stopped to help carry Toronto across the finish line.

I can't remember seeing such a strange finish and I hope I never see one like it again. The Pacers have a chance to put this mess behind them on Wednesday night when they hit the road to take on the Milwaukee Bucks.

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