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Pacers trail 46-36 at halftime against Raptors

The Indiana Pacers used a 7-0 start which was built to 13-4 just three and a half minutes into the game, but the Raptors responded immediately with a 10-0 run to erase the Indiana lead, shooting 70% in the first quarter. The Pacers slipped into putrid offense mode, only mustering up 15 points in the entire second quarter.

Indiana left plenty of points on the board with in and outs and bad shots at the basket, while the Raptors were able to make plenty of plays to build a double digit lead at the half. The Pacers offense was as good as it's been all season in those first three and a half minutes, but they continue to struggle without any go to scoring. Three Pacers sit at seven points, Paul George, David West, and George Hill. George and Roy Hibbert had three early steals and Hibbert has seven rebounds and two points.

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