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Pacers vs. Raptors Links: Pacers and Colts team up to help blast victims

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Two local pro sports organizations team up to help those impacted by the Southside blast on Saturday night.

Dave Sandford

After the Indiana Pacer beat the Washington Wizards on Saturday night, a blast that was felt from miles away leveled two homes and ruined several others while also killing a young couple in the Richmond Hills neighborhood on the south side of Indianapolis.

The cause remains unknown but the spirit of the local community has been strong to help those whose lives were suddenly in shambles. That includes the local sports teams as Pacers owner Herb Simon and Colts owner Jim Irsay teamed up on Monday to donate $20,000 to the Red Cross to assist the Richmond Hills victims.

"Colts fans are Pacers fans and Pacers fans are Colts fans," Irsay said in a news release. "Both Herb and I share a deep love of our community and we thought it was appropriate and the right thing to do."

"I have great respect for Jim and consider him a great friend," said Pacers owner Herb Simon. "When we see our fellow citizens in need, we need to step up."

Hopefully the Pacers will have some donation buckets at the Fieldhouse tonight when the Pacers host the Toronto Raptors.

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