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VIDEO: Gerald Green hauls in high lob and makes it look easy

Gerald Green delivered another high-flying highlight at the Fieldhouse on Friday night.

While Gerald Green continues to work on the basics like ball-man defensive awareness and taking quality shots in the offensive flow, he still delivers ridiculous finishes at the rim that are quite stunning to the naked eye.

Green seems more comfortable playing at the Fieldhouse and again put up a double-figure effort off the bench in the Pacers win over the Wizards. He had a couple of nice dunks, even missed one after flying too close to the rim to finish a lob from D.J. Augustin.

But Green had no problem finishing this lob from George Hill. From where I was sitting at the opposite baseline, I was sure Hill's pass was two or three fee too high and headed for the stands. Nope.

Green not only rose up to catch the high lob, but he made it look routine. It has become a fun exercise to witness visiting media getting a glimpse of Green's hops in person and Michael Lee from The Washington Post didn't disappoint with his speechless, dumbfounded reaction.