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Pacers preseason: Paul George came to camp ready to help Pacers improve

Third-year wing embracing the challenge of getting better and helping his team improve.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Indiana Pacers guard Paul George reportedly worked throughout the offseason to address deficiencies in his game that showed up during the playoffs against Miami.

Ball handling was one area PG focused on this summer, feeling he wasn't confident enough to assert himself at times against the Heat. Lacking confidence in his handles forced PG to think about not making a mistake instead of making a big play.

Watching George scrimmage with his team revealed a different presence on the court. It helped that Danny Granger wasn't on the court with him, but PG stood out as the commanding presence on his blue team.

"Paul George really asserting himself on the offensive end and playing within, not really forcing which is really exciting," Frank Vogel said about PG's play thus far in camp.

George's game isn't drastically different. He isn't suddenly some combination of Domnique Wilkins and Paul Pierce. But his game and his approach is better. Natrually, in his third year, George is more comfortable around his teammates and more willing to speak up with his words and set the tone with his actions.

"Much like David leads with his presence," Vogel said about George's noticable developmet. "Paul's body language is completely different this year than it has been the first couple of years where he was kind of finding his way still. Now he's carrying himself like one of the team leaders, being more vocal and really asserting himself on both ends of the floor."