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Keep an eye out for Pacers animated GIFs

A few key seconds from a Pacers game can result in a classic animated GIF depending on the highlight, so share your GIF findings of the blue and gold.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

SB Nation leads the league, and by league I mean the Internet, in outstanding animated sports GIFs, always having fun with the latest highlights and lowlights that eventually make you laugh on a repeated loop.

At, Jon Bois has a weekly "This week in GIFs" feature which reveals the best GIFs from around the sports landscape with a chance to vote on your favorite each week. This week, my natural disdain for the New England Patriots drew me to thorough enjoyment of Tom Brady dismissing someone on the bench without pulling any punches.



Of course, the NBA season always provides plenty of good GIF fodder. If you have any great Pacers GIFs or find any once the season starts, it is your duty to share with the class, either in a FanShot, FanPost or comments. Hopeully we can get some submissions in for the weekly post to spread the news about the blue and gold in another forum. Here's a sweet GIF via George Hill from last season.

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