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George Hill inducted into IPS Hall of Fame

Pacers point guard and local legend, honored for his accomplishments since leaving Broad Ripple High School.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Congratulations are in order for Indiana Pacers guard George Hill who was honored on Thursday afternoon with induction into the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) Hall of Fame.

Hill was a shining start while leading the state in scoring at Broad Ripple High School at a time when the NBA caliber talent at the big, doughnut schools outside of IPS drew most of the attention. G3 has remained visible with kids at IPS schools while playing in college at IUPUI and now in the pros with the Pacers.

I noticed recently when driving east on Broad Ripple Avenue that there is a Pacers "Gold Swagger, Blue Collar" billboard just east of Broad Ripple High and George Hill's face is on it, looking directly over his old high school. Pretty cool.

Hill is now one of just 57 members in the IPS HoF which also includes former inductees Kurt Vonnegut and David Letterman.

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