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Pacers and Raptors Tied 48-48 at Halftime

The Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors open their 2012-13 campaigns in Toronto, knotted at 48 a piece halfway through the game. The Pacers short Danny Granger started Gerald Green, but were led by the tandem of Paul George and Roy Hibbert. Hibbert leads the way for the Pacers with 14 points, 6 rebounds, and a pair of blocks, but it was Paul George who opened the game on a tear; scoring 12 first half points and 7 rebounds.

Indiana has been sloppy with the ball, committing 12 first half turnovers, four alone from Ian Mahinmi, who is a part of a struggling second unit that stumbled throughout the half while the starting unit showed the continuity they were able to carry over from last season. The Pacers have 14 assists on 20 field goals. Kyle Lowry leads the Raptors with 13 points with Andrea Bargnani adding 11.

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