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VIDEO: Gerald Green looks down through hoop, Danny Granger freaks out

A post-practice dunk contest ended up showing the world just how high Gerald Green can dunk.

The Indiana Pacers finally released the video clip shown during Friday night's game against the Chicago Bulls.

A still shot from the video of Gerald Green looking down through the hoop had the Pacers reserve swingman trending on various forms of social media throughout the weekend. Now you can see the rest of the story which includes Danny Granger hardly believing what his eyes witnessed when Green simply dolphin jumped to thrust his eyes above the rim.

The cool thing about the clip shown during the game broadcast was that after Chris Denari and Quinn Buckner discussed the video, David West found Green baseline for a highlight dunk off of a lob on the very next play. As Buckner mentioned, he figured the broadcast producer must have been in the team's huddle the way the timing worked out on that play.

Here's the tweet from David West that stunned NBA fans and media on Twitter.